FoodLady Chronicles – it’s going to kill us edition

FoodLady Chronicles – it’s going to kill us edition: I’m thrilled to have another human living in my house for many reasons, not the least of which is the proof that I’m not completely off my rocker and my animals are incredibly weird. (Aside: I’m also incredibly thankful that the boyfriend is so forgiving of Herbert’s freakish ability to whack him in ‘nads at any given opportunity) Tonight, as we sat on the couch watching bad television, we heard…..something. Then, with only seconds of scratchy warning, a creepy lump beneath the couch cover crawls up from behind the couch and comes straight at us! Creepy Gertrude Of Doom – Tremors Edition!
It eventually caused much laughter, but she may kill us soon if we don’t open a can of food immediately.