FoodLady Chronicles – Choot ’em! edition

FoodLady Chronicles – Choot ’em! edition: Allow me to update y’all. 1) We have been watching a disturbing amount of Swamp People in this house, I cannot recommend this show about alligator hunting in the bayous as good television, but one of the show’s catch phrases is “Choot ’em!” which, inexplicably, is never not funny. 2) Yesterday morning a good friend contacted me about a serious problem she was having with her 6 month old puppy and I had her bring him over, so we have a short-legged border at the moment who looks A LOT like Herbert if you were to cut Herbert’s legs off at the knees. 3) I explained to Darrin (bf) that dogs are crepuscular (most active at dawn & dusk) and that has jokingly turned into our dogs being “crappy-tuscular,” etc.
So, now that you’ve been updated on the goings-on ’round here my story should, if not make sense, at least be more understandable. This morning at approximately 5am I awoke to the fingers on my left hand being delicately nibbled. My left arm was hanging off the bed and I jerked it back onto the bed. Unsurprisingly, a short-legged little swamp-monster full of teeth and tongue followed (after a running start cause, ya know, wee widdle wegs) and I woke up Darrin by giggling out, “Gator In The Boat! We have a gator. in. the. boat!” Without missing a beat and with his face still pressed into a pillow he cried, “Choot ‘im!! Choot ‘im!!” and much dorky laughter was had by all while fending off a short-legged-crappy-tuscular-extra-toothy-floppy-tongued-swamp-monster!
Good Morning!