FoodLady Chronicles – Life IS a bitch OR the story of the fifty-dollar-ball

FoodLady Chronicles – Life IS a bitch OR the story of the fifty-dollar-ball: So, FoodLady confession time – I spent $50.00 on a ball. It is sightly larger than a basketball but much harder (as in don’t kick it because OwOwFuckityOw!). I bought this product because it is 100% guaranteed to be Herbert-proof. I know, I didn’t believe it was possible as he has the ability to destroy ALL OF THE BALLS: tennis balls – 30 seconds; basketballs – 2 minutes; golf balls – 4 minutes. So, after historically spending a fortune on balls to destroy (or to replace the little neighbor kid’s basketball) I figured this fancy indestructible ball was worth a try. When it arrived in the mail a few days ago I was excited and introduced the ball into the Herbert enclosure (yes, i put the damn ball in the damn yard – other way sounded fancy though, huh?) and it was awesome….he pushed it around, tried to but couldn’t bite into it so he grumbled, growled, and wrestled with the fifty-dollar-ball and much fun was had by all. Then a weird thing happened, the old lady dog (Life) appeared to decide that the bright orange fifty-dollar-ball was the ball she had been waiting for her ENTIRE life and that it is now TimeToPlay! She came toddering towards us and began to push, roll, and play! The pretty pretty princess came out of her playtirement and much more fun was had by all! Now here we are a few days later and Herbert was playing with the fifty-dollar-ball when Life decided to get in on some of that there ball action and with a spectacular display of bitchy MyBall!OnlyMe-edness, Life turned on Herbert and pinned his surprised-as-hell whipper-snapper butt to the ground. FoodLady’s VoiceOfDoom broke up the scuffle but now Herbert is convinced the ball belongs only to BigTeethGirlDog and he is not supposed to touch BigTeethGirlDog’s ball under penalty of death by really BIG teeth. *sigh*
But, for your viewing pleasure please enjoy Life playing with her fifty-dollar-ball: