FoodLady Chronicles – I’m Sorry You’re Stinky Edition

FoodLady Chronicles –  I’m Sorry You’re Stinky Edition:
Dear Life (dog), Herbert (dog), and Sam (dog), I’m sorry that I gooped you with the stinky stinky pesticides.  I know they smell super strong and make you feel icky, I promise they are for your own good. Herbert & Sam, I understand your initial instinct to run outside and roll in the dirt and Sam,  you are completely forgiven as after the initial “I’m so stinky” crazies wore off you fell asleep on the floor.  Herbert, you’re an asshole and while you are not forgiven, I do admire your aptitude for vengence. Following the initial roll in the dirt you waited until I was in the bathroom before performing the “I’m so stinky” crazy rolls in. my. bed. pillows.  And these weren’t just the normal “I’m so stinky” crazies,  these were the “New and Improved– Complete with MUD!” stinky crazies with the optional willy nilly flinging pillows included. 
You win this round, Mr. Herbert…..sigh.