FoodLady Chronicles – you’re freaking killing me Edition

FoodLady Chronicles – you are freaking killing me Edition:

Dearest Herbert (dog), you are freaking killing me. It was bad enough a week ago when we were in class and you started snoring loudly enough to cause the lovely lady across the table from me to crack up which in turn caused me to chortle-snort getting me in trouble (again) from the teacher (to be completely fair, that teacher is an ass and I don’t really mind being in trouble–but still). You are in fine form this morning and the super deep breathing, lip-flapping snore you are rocking from beneath my desk is not encouraging me to be zippy and alert. In fact, it makes me want to find a pile of blankets and puppy-pile until we are all happily snoring. Please cease being adorable and cuddly and resume your excited pokey-ness immediately. Thank you!

Love, FoodLady.