FoodLady Chronicles – Cheese Pie Edition:

FoodLady Chronicles – Cheese Pie Edition: Here’s a wee bit of backstory, Herbert (dog) is just not very food motivated. He sort of flips his lid for WhippyCream (literally, whipped cream. almost everything in my house gets a weird nickname) but most of the time the amount of crap he gives about food is minimal. Cut to a couple days ago and me making a new recipe which I completely stole from a website and altered the ingredients to fit what I had and naming it Cheese Pie. And people? Cheese Pie is YUMMY. Of course it is yummy, it is basically a pie made of cheese with some spinach thrown in to make you feel like less of a “just ate a pie made of cheese”-type person. What I didn’t expect while enjoying some delicious cheese pie was a Herbert staring at me longingly, silently begging for some cheese pie (I cave easily) and after giving him some getting to hear, “please sir….some more?!” in dog language. Also, he has turned into a VERY GOOD cheese pie alert-er. If anyone needs any help in finding their lost cheese pie; I can help you.

*sticks nose in bag, points foot*, “did you know there is cheese pie in there?”

Yes….yes I did. That’s my lunch, jackass.

“do you need me to eat that cheese pie for you? cause, I found it. it’s right here in this here bag….I can help you with that cheese pie if you need me to?”


twenty minutes later…..

*sticks nose in bag, points foot*, “did you know there is cheese pie in there?”

dude. seriously?

 Love ya, FoodLady