FoodLadyChronicles: stinky booty boy edition

Ya know, some days with a service dog are just the best that can be imagined – running around in a field of flowers playing fetch, enjoying sunshine, and everything is fun, smiles and laughter. Then there are some days (like today) when Señor Herbert has the dreaded seriously stinky booty (a/k/a farts) and we are stuck in my enclosed office with watering eyes while I  try to decide if lighting a match would save us or cause us all to explode due to excess methane gas.

There is a miasma of stank today y’all. *blinks watering eyes*


One thought on “FoodLadyChronicles: stinky booty boy edition

  1. Dear God! is that cabbage??? I *know* you haven’t eaten any cabbage…..may die. send….respirator…..*gag*

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