Not My Dog Update! Yay!

In the, “well, that was unexpected” category, Snoopy-dog (fka airport road dog) looks like he has a future home. The poor woman who was helping the animal shelter prep and stuff envelopes for a mailing campaign had Snoopy attempt to assist her by sniffing each envelope she stamped and put down, probably making sure no dog biscuits accidentally got sent out by mistake. I also, in my rambling dorky way explained he had already had one bath, and yes, those are fleas – we are calling them the Fleatles,…that one’s Ringo, that one’s John, I think that one was George, and yep, sorry….just killed Paul. And then the poor woman got to witness my mini meltdown (sobbed like toddler for a few minutes) as I’m filling out the paperwork to surrender him and I got to the call me or don’t call me if we have to put him down choice, because y’all? The shelter is FULL.
Anywhoodle, she apparently left a message on the voicemail that she wants him and wants to fly with him to the states in April.

So the shelter wonders if I can come in on a regular basis for meltdowns? Or even to just do bad paraphrasing of internet comedy?

I’ll take the happy. ❀