Ok, I do not have good news and I’m sorry for that. Honey-dog should not have been as happy and alert as she was. Her life put her through hell, and I only wish there was more I could have done.
I went back and forth about whether to have the surgery today. I managed to put 2.6lbs on her over the weekend, but the weight wasn’t sticking to her spine (I know that sounds weird, but I swear, it’s a thing). I spent the day with her at the clinic and the vet decided to move forward this afternoon. If it had been something operable, she would have made it through the surgery just fine.
The mass had metastasized and it involved her pancreas, lymph nodes, and the majority of her intestines. I only saw about 6″ of viable intestines left.
We let her go, she deserved some peace.

So, please everyone, pet your beloved pets, take a deep breath, donate a few dollars to the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center if you can, (PayPal to administration@stcroixawc.org in memory of Honey), and for the love of anything good left in this world – please spay and neuter your pets.

Rest in peace sweet girl; I wish I could have done more.